This section explains the process that every student must complete to be eligible to be scheduled for the CCLO-3410 Practice Experience course. Completing the application and additional requirements before the deadline is an important step towards being eligible for practice education and your program completion.


The CCLO program area will track your course completion status and send you information on how to access the SPECO CCLO: Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO) course in Blackboard at the start of your second to last semester of online courses, this is where you will find the application documents. It is recommended that you also remain aware of where you are on your learning path by checking myJIBC at the beginning of each semester. Advise the program area if you have not received communication six months prior to the semester you are eligible to start practice education.

Once you have been contacted and prompted to complete your Blackboard’s SPECO CCLO: Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO) course you can start submitting the required assignments. The program area will review each of your completed assignment to make sure it has been completed correctly based on the criteria set by the BC health authorities. The program area will let you know if anything you submitted is incomplete by providing course assignment grades of complete (100%) or incomplete (0%).

The program manager will work with JIBC’s practice education team to ensure that any policies, procedures, and/or documents required by a health authority are satisfied prior to finalizing your placement. If you apply while still enrolled in your final course(s), the program manager will verify that the course(s) has/have been successfully completed prior to giving final approval to schedule the placement. Once you are complete in the course, JIBC will place an informal request to the health authority. If the informal request is approved, then a formal request will be submitted and you will be asked to register for the CCLO-3410 Practice Experience course through the JIBC Registration Office. However, if your informal or formal request is not approved, JIBC will review other options with you.


The requirements to be eligible for practice education are set by BC health authorities and JIBC, they are often updated. JIBC will let you know of any changes to the requirements and put the updates into the SPECO course. Some of the current requirements are listed below.

  • Application Form
    The CCLO-3410 Application Form outlines three important areas: your preferred placement timeline; preferred health authority; and any declaration of existing or potential conflicts of interest.
    You are required to declare any existing conflicts of interest, or potential conflicts of interest, which may impact your ability to complete your practice education in a particular region. If you knowingly fail to disclose any conflicts of interest, or potential conflicts of interest, you may be withdrawn early from your placement. If you are withdrawn from your placement for this reason, you will receive a failing mark for the course and may be subject to other disciplinary action including being exited from the program.
  • Provincial Health Services Authority LearningHub
    Within the SPECO course are several mandatory courses required by BC health authorities that are set up as assignments. When prompted by the program area, we recommend you start working on these e-learning requirements right away so that there is no delay in completing your application and scheduling your placements. When you complete each requirement you will submit your certificates in the corresponding SPECO course assignment. These assignments will direct you to PHSA’s LearningHub and include:

    • Introduction to Student Practice (20 minutes)
    • Violence Prevention (2 hours and 40 minutes)
    • Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Direct Clinical Care Providers (1 hour)
    • Provincial Code Red – Fire Safety Training (30 minutes)
    • Waste Management Basics (1 hour)
    • WHMIS 2015 – Provincial Course (45 minutes)
  • Immunizations
    The immunization checklist must be fully completed with a health care provider or physician’s signature and stamp. These immunization FAQs will help guide you through the process. Please read this document to better understand how the immunization checklist needs to be completed, you may even want to print this document and bring it with you to your appointment with your health care provider.
  • Criminal Record Check
    Prior to your placement being scheduled, you are required to submit a current criminal record check (CRC), including a vulnerable sector check. The clearance is required by the health authorities in order for students to be permitted access to licensed care facilities. The BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General CRC may take some time to complete and should be initiated at least 3 months prior to practice education in order to avoid any potential delays.
  • Confidentiality Forms
    You are required to read and submit ALL the BC health authority confidentiality forms to show that you are aware of and acknowledge the legal and ethical obligation to protect personal information. You are also required to complete the Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet) consent form for disclosure of student information. HSPnet is a web-based system for managing practice education in the health sciences.
  • Health Authority Specific Requirements
    Generally all health authorities have the same requirements, although some health authorities, such as Island Health, have requirements unique to their region. You will be advised on any additional or different requirements upon confirmation of placement location. These will be completed after your informal request for placement has been approved along with your documentation for your seasonal flu shot and TB test. Instructions will be provided by the program area.
  • Additional Requirements
    Valid driver’s license or government issued ID, JIBC photo ID, and JIBC student privacy sign-off.

Deadline to Complete SPECO CCLO Course

JIBC will provide a deadline for when you need to have your application and supporting documents submitted. You will not be scheduled for your placement until all of the requirements in the SPECO CCLO: Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO) course are complete, paying attention to your timelines and deadlines is of utmost importance. If you are not able to meet this deadline for any reason, you should contact as soon as possible to discuss your situation with the program staff.


Once your placement has been scheduled and dates have been confirmed, you will need to complete a TB test (and receive negative results or be cleared on follow up tests if the initial test results are positive) and receive the influenza vaccine (during flu season, November – March), as well as any additional health authority specific requirements.