JIBC is the most prominent provider of paramedic programs in BC, and the only Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) programs in British Columbia accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Paramedics play a vital role responding to a variety of calls in all areas of the province.


PCP Full-time

The Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Program is offered in two models: full-time and part-time, or distributed learning. The full-time model is eight months long. The first month is an online course, Anatomy and Physiology, followed by four months in the classroom, and then three months to complete the practice education requirements. Graduates are certified and qualified to be licensed by the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (EMALB).

PCP Part-time

The distributed learning (part-time) model is a blended delivery of online learning and 16 intensive 3-day workshops over a 10-12 month period. This is followed by three months to complete the practice education requirements.


Annually, JIBC offers the PCP program in seven communities across BC to 230 students whose tuition is base-funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED). JIBC has campus facilities in New Westminster, Chilliwack, Victoria, and Kelowna. JIBC partners with other post-secondary institutions offering the PCP program annually in three other communities, such as North Island College in Port Alberni.

PCP Program Information

For more information on the course please visit the PCP Program Site.

ACP Full-time

The Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Program is a 20 month full-time program comprised of 71 credits split over three terms for a total of 1,774 hours of study. Students will complete eight courses and three practice placements as they progress throughout the program.


JIBC offers one ACP Program per year starting each fall at the New Westminster campus. In addition, a regional cohort may be offered in either Victoria or Kelowna on alternating years.

The regional cohort runs parallel to the New Westminster program with some components being delivered via webcast. Over the course of the 20 month program, students are required to attend approximately three to four weeks of classes at the New Westminster campus for face-to-face sessions with specialist faculty.

For more information on the course please visit the ACP Program Site.

ACP Education Map