JIBC works together with BC Health Authorities and BC Emergency Health Services using a provincial scheduling system to provide hospital and ambulance placements for paramedic students. Each year students are scheduled in approximately 7,000 practice placements across British Columbia.

Practice Education Placements

Travel is often required to attend practice education placements. Placement shortages can occur and you may be required to travel to a different region where placements are available. Travel expenses are your responsibility as a student; please remember this when budgeting for your program. By remaining dynamic and able to travel, you will be best positioned to complete your program on time – along with getting a great variety of experiences.

Hospital Placements

Students have the opportunity to apply and develop clinical and professional skills in the hospital setting. This will happen under the supervision of a nurse or physician, depending on your program. Students will be required to meet specific requirements in order to attend hospital placements, which will be tracked and monitored through each program.

Ambulance Placements

Ambulance scheduling information is provided to JIBC through Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) provincial scheduling. Once received and edited by JIBC’s Practice Education Team, students will receive their ambulance schedule shortly before the placement start date. Decisions related to placement scheduling are ultimately the responsibility of your program staff and are based on educational requirements and placement availability. It is important that you remain flexible and available during the practice education portion of your program as changes to your schedule happen frequently and often at the last minute. Being available for practice education includes keeping yourself free of commitments and prioritizing practice education placements over work while you are a student.

Course Placements Placement Time
Block 1
1 Clinical 8 Hours
2 Ambulance Observation 24 Hours
Block 2
2 Clinical 16 Hours
12 Ambulance 144 Hours (minimum)
Course Placements Placement Time
Term 1 4 Operating Room
4 Emergency
1 Geriatrics
72 Hours
4 Ambulance Observation
14 Ambulance
48 Hours
168 Hours
Term 2 1 Emergency Physician
1 Pediatrics
1 Obstetrics
20 Hours
24 Ambulance 288 Hours
Term 3 1 Operating Room
1 Emergency
1 Emergency Physician
1 Neonatal
28 Hours
28 Ambulance 336 Hours

The Practice Education Experience

This video answers some common questions students may have around their placements including scheduling, supervision, safety, and compensation.

Are You Practice Education Ready?

All students participating in practice education placements in a BC Health Authority must complete mandatory prerequisites and orientation requirements. This video answers some common questions students may have about these requirements.